14 Apr 2016
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North Pole Marathon
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The North Pole Marathon ® also known as the WORLD'S COOLEST MARATHON ® is organized on 9th April of each year with this year to finish 42.195km (26.2 miles). The run's  'on' frozen water, in the high Arctic Ocean.

Logo above is credited to North Pole Marathon ® . More information can be found at http://www.npmarathon.com/


You're tougher than you think you are, and you can do more than you think you can.

Ong Tze Boon

Despite a busy work schedule, Boon lives by the mantra of keeping fit and living healthy. He runs everyday, and has completed in excess of 7000km since August 2012. Boon also enjoys other adrenaline sports including alpineering, snowboarding, surfing and water skiing. He has recently completed the the World Marathon Challenge 2016 in January 2016.

Start where you are.  Use what you have.  Do what you can.

Ong Yu-Phing

With the belief that a healthy body and a healthy mind go hand in hand, Phing participated in his first half-ironman triathlon in the late 1980's. Since then, he has enjoyed a plethora of activities, from hiking, martial arts and yoga, rock climbing and mountain biking, to participating in a powerlifting competition. He has recently completed the the World Marathon Challenge 2016 in January 2016.


"Mens sana in corpore sano", states the famous latin phrase from the poet Juvenal, and translates loosely as "a sound mind in a sound body".  
The general public believes that the majority of the population could suffer from mental illness*.  Yet there is still a stigma associated with this condition, and the overall support given to the institutions associated with mental illness lags behind their physical illness counterparts.
To this end, Run with your Heart in 2016 will be supporting five charitable organisations related to mental health and illness. All proceeds raised will be donated directly to these charities:

Alzheimer's Disease Association (ADA)

As the voice for people with dementia, as well as their loved ones, the Alzheimer's Disease Association (ADA) aims to create a more dementia-inclusive society in Singapore. Grounded in the core values of compassion, commitment and integrity, ADA believes in increasing the quality of care for the elderly with dementia, through a unique approach of continued research, education and training for dementia treatment. ADA strives to inspire other organisations to empower people with dementia treatment and their families to become respected members in an inclusive society.

Caregivers Alliance Limited (CAL)

In Singapore, less than a third of those suffering from mental illnesses actually seek professional help. Instead, most opt to seek support from people closest to them - people who often end up being their primary caregivers. This is where Caregivers Alliance Limited (CAL) comes in. CAL is the sole professional non-profit organisation in Singapore, which caters specifically to providing training and professional support for caregivers, in order to enable them to better serve and care for people with mental illnesses. Through education, outreach and advocacy, CAL hopes to improve the lives of caregivers and families of people with mental illnesses.

Samaritans of Singapore (SOS)

Often, those drowning in thoughts of suicide end up grappling to break the surface. It is not that they want to give up, but rather, they have no idea how to help themselves. To address this, Samaritans of Singapore (SOS) acts as sustainable help to them, tethered by its mission "To be an available lifeline to anyone in crisis". It focuses on preventing suicide by providing an email befriending service and a 24-hour hotline. With its comprehensive approach, SOS ensures than anyone contemplating suicide would receive holistic support and care for as long as they need.

Singapore Association for Mental Health (SAMH)

The Singapore Association for Mental Health (SAMH) is an established mental health agency with nine centres which collectively provide a wide range of services for people with mental health conditions in Singapore. To promote acceptance and respect for those facing mental illnesses, SAMH's services are centered on rehabilitation and reintegration, thereby engaging and empowering them to have a greater role in the community. SAMH also advocates for mental health in society, with their vision of ensuring mental wellness for all.

WE CARE Community Services

By acting as a safe haven for individuals suffering from all forms of addiction, be it the internet, drugs or eating disorders, WE CARE Community Services is able to help them in their recovery. It provides these individuals with opportunities to undergo counselling with skilled professionals, as well as chances to interact with others facing similar addictions. In addition, WE CARE facilitates outreach programmes and community education to raise awareness among the community. As a leading help and care centre, WE CARE advocates acceptance of people with addictions and transforms their lives.

* (A B Borinstein, "Public attitudes toward persons with mental illness", Health Affairs, 11, no.3 (1992):186-196)


All funds raised will go directly to the charities represented for each run. All expenses for the run are paid solely by the runners.

Our Partners

  • ONG Foundation ONG Foundation

    ONG Foundation is a private foundation established in 2012 that supports charitable initiatives in the areas of Health, Education and the Arts.

  • Ridge Runners Ridge Runners

    Ridge Runners is a 200 strong local running club that runs every weekend from Mt Faber, and through the scenic Southern Ridges route.


    50 FOR FIFTY is about pooling resources, ideas, networks, skills and people together to create a positive change in society and also to provide every day people with the opportunity to give CHANGE a CHANCE.

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